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"You have Many options in life. Never make giving up one of them" -Austin Carlile
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maybe i’ll be hot tomorrow 

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Dad’s gotten 1000% better talking about periods since we started using Shark Week euphemisms:

"Ah, it’s Shark Week?" = "Ah, you started your period?"

"Harpoons on deck?" = "Do you have enough pads/tampons/etc?"

"Chum stocks are holding?" = "Do you need chocolate/midol?"

"Supplies are low cap’n" = "Yes, please."

"What kind (of shark) is it?" = "How do you feel?"

  • "It’s a Nurse Shark" = "I’m fine/not bad"

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Rafelina Michelle

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People always say it hurts the most at night. Most people miss somebody at 3 am when they can’t sleep and can’t help but notice how alone and incomplete they feel.
Some people miss somebody at 5 am when they just get home from a night of distractions and realize they are now in bed alone.
I miss you all the time.
But sometimes It’s at 9 am as i’m driving to work and a song that reminds me of you comes on the radio. Suddenly I can’t catch my breath and my heart breaks all over again as I realize i’m starting a new day, without you.

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Your heart literally hurts when it’s breaking. You can feel it, every beat another ache, and nothing you can do will stop it, either from beating or breaking.
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